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Each of our Shapes Coloring Pages feature different specific geometric shapes.

The preschool coloring sheets have large shapes with solid, bold lines specifically designed for little fingers. Use them to teach shapes as well as coloring. For older children, incorporate in projects that require cutting too.

Each printable coloring sheet can be printed multiple times for hours of coloring fun.

The basic shapes also make great patterns for practicing cutting skills.

For an alternative use, print on index stock, color, cut out and create a mobile or collage with the pieces.

Or print on vellum, color with watercolor markers, cut out and layer the shapes over each other. Glue in place and hang in a window to see the various shades of color created by the overlapping pieces.

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High quality PDF files can be downloaded by clicking on the thumbnail previews below. You will be directed to an automatic download.

The PDF files are full size to be printed on letter size paper

If you need additional information about how to download files or about our terms of use, see our FAQ.

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