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Print out coloring pages in repeating patterns for hours of enjoyment.

These designs are similar to kaleidoscope coloring pages, with the exception that their patterns repeat in a circular pattern to color rather than in a mirrored pattern.

All began as random squiggles that were then reproduced in a repeating circular pattern . . . creating lacy, almost doily like images.

Look closely and you may see shapes of other objects appearing within the design, such as hearts and leaves. Color them accordingly and their presence will be more pronounced.

These coloring sheets work especially well with bright colors and markers.

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As with all of our downloadable pages, these free printable coloring pages can be downloaded and printed as often as desired for personal or educational use.

We only ask that you observe our copyright and not redistribute our coloring pages in digital format. If you want to share the files with others, please refer them to this website. All downloaded files are in PDF format, ready for high quality printing.

Selecting any preview on this page will start your download automatically.

For more information on acceptable use and downloading, visit our FAQ.

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