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Peace Coloring Pages to print are reminiscent of the art and symbols of the sixties.

Whether you witnessed the era or not, the sixties had its' own unique style that we all recognize. Now you can use our print out coloring pages featuring the signs of the sixties to recreate the feel of the era. There were peace symbols and bold bright flowers on everything. The words Peace and Love were turned into bold, bright graphical images.

Common colors were hot pink, hot orange, lime green, yellow and black.

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Cars, vans and surfboards had the familiar flower designs all over them. Clothes were painted and embroidered with the simple designs.

The peace coloring sheets available here were created based on the bold, graphical images of the sixties.

In keeping with the style of the sixties, bright markers would be the best choice for authentic decoration. Use the brightest colors you have and fill in the background areas with black for an authentic look.

As with all of our

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peace coloring pages
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Peace coloring page
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