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A paper chain was once only associated with decorating at Christmas time. Who doesn't remember cutting red and green construction paper and forming it into interlocking circles?

It still makes a great Christmas craft project, but today there is a new twist. With our current military deployments many families are finding long separations to be common. Finding creative and inexpensive ways to keep in touch with your absent family members can go a long way toward keeping a family close.

paper chain military 1 paper chain military 2

One such idea is to create a chain by making one new link for each day of your loved one's absence. Draw a picture or write a brief note about what you are feeling or what you did on a particular day. Keep adding to your chain each day. When your loved one returns present the completed chain as part of their homecoming celebration. This will give them a glimpse of what was happening in your life and what you were feeling while they were gone.

Coloring page files can be downloaded by selecting any preview on this page. An automatic download of a high quality printable PDF file for you to use in creating your chain.

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For durability, I would recommend printing this project on at least 28# paper.

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