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Reinforce math concepts the fun way with math coloring sheets for you to download and print, featuring shapes, colors and math equations that need to be calculated to determine the color to be used.

The first math coloring pages available here feature basic bold pictures created from multiple geometric shapes. There are two versions, each requiring the identification and counting of shapes to complete the page.

The first version is more simple with less shapes and detail.

The second version contains a wider variety of shapes as well as a larger number of shapes, shapes within shapes and more detail in general.

Additional pages here contain basic addition exercises along with shapes and items to count.

Additional shape coloring pages, without the counting exercise are also available.

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Print Out Coloring Pages
Color by Number - Math Facts

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The math coloring pages in this section feature color by number pages that require the solving of basic math facts to determine what color should be used in each section of the picture.

Additional color by number coloring pageswithout math facts are available too.

As with all of our coloring pages, an automatic download of a high quality PDF file will be activated by clicking on any of the small images.

If you need additional information on downloading and printing, please visit our FAQ