Hearts Coloring Pages

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Our Hearts Coloring Pages are for much more than just Valentine's Day.

For a bit of fun, print at 50%. Color, cut out and attach to the front of a blank note card. Write a special message to your loved one and hide somewhere for them to find. Suggested locations: in pockets, lunches, desk drawers, inside laptop cover, on the bathroom mirror . . . anywhere you are sure they will look each day.

Or print even smaller and write your special message on the back.

Hearts provide a good basic shape for combining to create other interesting designs. Try cutting individual hearts out for mobile shapes or package decorations.

The heart coloring sheets provided here are designed for different skill levels from basic to more complex.

Hearts don't always have to be red. Try different shades of red, from pinks to burgandy.

Clicking on any of the thumbnails below will start an automatic download of your high quality full size PDF file, ready for printing.

For more information on how to download or for answers to general questions, please visit our FAQ.

Heart coloring sheet
heart coloring page without border
hearts coloring page
hearts coloring pages
hearts coloring page
hearts inside heart with border
heart coloring page 08
heart coloring page

Valentine Specific Coloring Pages