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I'm sure you remember color by number coloring pages in your favorite coloring books when you were a child.

In today's world you can choose and use our print out coloring pages to print individual color by number coloring sheets for your children or yourself.

Having an indoor weather day? Why not print out pages for you and your children to work on together?

Color by Number pages take coloring one step further by adding the need to follow instructions and identify numbers and colors.

color by number coloring page butterfly 01

Here you will find color by number pages for many different skill levels, from preschool levels through complex designs appropriate for older children and even adults.

For an additional challenge, try our math coloring sheetsthat require solving of basic math facts to determine which color is to be used on each section of the picture.

color by number quilt pattern
Color by number coloring page

These quilt styled color by number pages are a great activity for your children, especially if you are a quilter. Let them color while you work on your own projects.

These designs, if colored according to the recommendations, will reveal a simple traditional quilt pattern based only on squares and triangles.

For the first quilt pattern coloring page featured here, there are no color recommendations . . . pick your own and watch the pattern appear.

For the second one, there are color recommendations. Try changing the colors associated with each number for a different look, or disregard the numbers and color in your own pattern.

One of the fun things about quilts is that the same size and shape of pieces can be stitched together to create completely different patterns based on the colors chosen for each shape.

Download of high quality PDF files can be started by clicking on any image preview on this page.

If you need additional information on downloading or have general questions about our print out coloring pages, please visit our FAQ.

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