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Birthday cards to color provide a creative outlet and save money at the same time.

When your children need to give a birthday card, why not involve them with making one rather than shopping for one?

Download one of the PDF files provided here. Print on heavy white paper (I recommend at least 24# bright white). Get out the markers or crayons and let your children create!

birthday card to color-04
birthday card to color-05

When finished decorating, cut the paper just to inside the light dotted line and fold in half. It will be 5 x 7 inches and will fit in an A-7 envelope (5¼ x 7¼).

For additional information of printers and coloring materials, visit our information page.information page.

Or let them make their own invitations using a party invitation template . . .

Make Your Own Birthday Invitations

invitation to color
make your own birthday invitation-02

What could be more fun for your child than working on the preparations for their own party? Let them contribute by creating and coloring their own invitations using the party invitation template provided here.

Printable Birthday Invitations
Suggestions for Decorating

Start by downloading the file by clicking on the thumbnail provided and then print as many as needed.

For best results, choose a paper that is at least 24# and bright white. For this one it is best if you use a photo printer that will print to the edges so no copy is cut off.

Color, fill in your own information and embellish with stickers, glitter, etc.

Be sure to have your little artist fill in their name on the back too.

After decorating, fold along the guide lines provided, folding along the short direction first.

This will create a note card size, 4¼ x 5½ inches that will fit in an A-2 envelope (4⅜x 5¾ inches).

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