Bible Story Coloring Pages

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Bible story coloring pages are a great way to introduce young children to popular Bible stories, offering a visual reference that is easy for children to understand and remember.

The coloring pages available here have been created especially for this website from all original artwork.

Suggestions for Using
Bible Coloring Sheets

  • Encourage children the tell the story in their own words while coloring their pages.
  • Encourage them to draw in their own details.
  • Encourage reading age children to look up the specific Bible verses that the stories are derived from.

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The first page offered here is from the story of Zacchaeus and was created in response to a special request for a coloring page that would be appropriate for pre-school age children.

It was created as a very simple page with Zacchaeus, the tree and his name spelled out. No other figures are included to keep things simple for very young children.

If you have any special requests, please Contact Us and we will try to accommodate them as quickly as possible.

As with all of our word search printables, these can be downloaded and printed as desired for personal or educational use.

We only ask that you observe our copyright and not redistribute our puzzles in digital format. If you want to share the files with others, please refer them to this website. All downloaded files are in PDF format, ready for high quality printing.

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