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angel coloring page

Angel Coloring Pages aren't just for the Holiday season. They are great for year round projects too. Print and color as a simple coloring project or use them to decorate packages and greeting cards.

The first group features bold lines and geometric shapes, perfect for younger children. Or older children might want to add their own details to make the designs more complex.

The second group features more complex drawings with the look of stained glass in the background.

These work especially well when printed on heavy bright white paper and colored with markers. Alternatively, you might want to consider printing on vellum, coloring with markers, and hanging the finished item in a window.

Or print your angel coloring sheets at 50% or smaller, color, cut out and use to make Christmas decorations or greeting cards.

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angel coloring page 03
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angel coloring page 06
angel coloring page 05

As with all of our print out coloring pages, these free printable pages can be downloaded and printed as often as desired for personal or educational use.

We only ask that you observe our copyright and not redistribute our coloring pages in digital format. If you want to share the files with others, please refer them to this website. All downloaded files are in PDF format, ready for high quality printing.

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If you need help with downloading our files, or have additional questions, visit our FAQ.

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